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Atpl Course

Article provided by: FlyBy Aviation Academy

Today’s planes are incredibly reliable. They have automated technologies and enough tools for easy navigation. But planes still do not fly themselves. Each requires an experienced competent pilot to get passengers safety to their destinations. As a result, piloting in an excellent career opportunity with many flight schools existing to help get people the jobs in aviation that they desire.

The best advice for any pilot is to research all facts and choices they have when searching for a flight school. Think about the length of time it will take to complete school and whether you will be content with the lifestyle and compensation that comes with a career in aviation. Some trainees enjoy flying but will quit as soon as they cannot stand the sickness from bumpy air. It is not surprising that becoming a pilot has one of the most intense screening procedures to make sure candidates will make a good fit for the industry.

What does it take to complete a commercial pilot training course?

The commercial pilot should complete practical and theoretical flight instructions to get the ATPL. The course covers many different subjects, including meteorology and principles of navigation. The course groups the 14 issues around three modules, with exams at the end of each one.

What are the ATP programme exams?

The 14 subjects cover the following areas:
• Principles of flight
• Performance
• VFR communication
• IFR communication
• Radio navigation
• General navigation
• Electricals, engine operation, and airframes
• Instruments and electronics

Study options for the airline transport pilot training course

Todays’ schooling systems allow students to undertake studies remotely. The advantage of remote learning is you can plan the lessons and revisions to complete all subjects with an exact grip on all topics. However, it is beneficial if one can take actual physical classes while interacting with a network or pilots and instructors. Most students find that being immersed in a physical group setting allows students to collaborate in their studies and motivate each other leading to better testing outcomes. Of course the more extensive flight training section of the course cannot be done remotely.

FlyBy Aviation Academy has a residential course with several learning materials. We offer an ATPL integrated course as a full-time study on campus. The learning environment is a typical classroom with full adherence to a standard pilot school. The benefits of this type of training include the following:

• The opportunity to ask questions to the instructor during the class session
• Learning at the same pace as other students
• Periodic one to one reviews for the instructor throughout the course
• Opportunity to raise concerns about upcoming topics with other students


ATPL study programs

Integrated courses

The integrated ATPL program allows one to complete all training phases without any previous knowledge in the field. The training includes various simulators and aircraft. You will take the theory at the beginning of the course, after learning the fundamentals of each flight phase. Because the course is designed in a comprehensive manner, there is no unnecessary repeating of subjects and the entire curriculum is designed to get you from start to completion as fast as possible. This allows a candidate in an intensive program such as FlyBy’s to receive their ATPL certification within 14 months even if they had never piloted an aircraft prior to joining the program. An integrated training is also the type of flight instruction the major commercial airlines prefer most.

Modular flight instruction course

Modular training allows one to enroll in the program at various times because it is less intense than the integrated course. The student needing modular training should own a Civil Aviation Organization PPL to start the procedure. This is typically done by students who are looking to get certified part time because they have limited financial resources. It takes considerably longer to complete than an integrated program.

Integrated ATPL class delivery program

Our instructors have a course structure that aims to stimulate the best learning environment. We have a balanced and strategic mix of technical and theoretical studies to suit the different types of learners in our program. The learning materials are visual with the help of stimulators and many other learning materials.

The length of the ATPL program takes fourteen months with FlyBy. However, if a student does not apply himself and does not pass the exams in a timely manner, it can take longer. The course studies are easy to absorb for students with current knowledge of mathematics and physics. Candidates needing refreshment courses will benefit from revisiting relevant handbooks to pass the assessment test. However, you can trust that our tutors will skillfully and professionally take you through intense courses with calculated lessons. 

What is a frozen ATPL?

Frozen ATPLs are the licenses for pilots who passed all 14-theory exams, without qualification of good flight experience. The historical ATPL theory is that the pilot did not need to go back to school to progress from a First Officer to a Captain. Therefore, they gained a frozen ATPL, which would be unfrozen when one met the flying experience.

It is possible to be a captain with a frozen ATPL and a CPL. The difference is that you cannot fly a multi-pilot plane without an unfrozen ATPL. Examples of multi-pilot planes include CRJ, A319, B737, and ATR.

The integrated ATPL program is straightforward with our highly structured learning program. We have different packages for your budget and flight hours and are happy to talk to you before committing the assessment fee. Call our office to learn more about earning your commercial pilot certification.


Atpl Course