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Audi windshield replacement

A cracked windshield can reduce visibility and make driving, especially in bad weather dangerous. Although you will not get pulled over if you have a chip or crack with a diameter of less than ¾ inch and the crack isn’t in your line of sight, it’s best to have it repaired or your windshield replaced. Cracks can occur due to different reasons, and understanding why your windshield cracked will help you know what to look for when shopping for windshield glass.

At Specialized Auto Glass, we’re a reputable and experienced auto glass company. We also perform Audi windshield replacements as well as other types of luxury motor vehicle windshield replacement, including Bentley and Mercedes. Our technicians have years of experience in replacing high-end car windshields and will take excellent care of your vehicle.

Causes of Windshield Cracks

If there’s no visible cause of the crack in your windshield, it could be as a result of any of these reasons.

  • Temperatures

When the temperature changes rapidly and you are using your car heater or defroster, the glass may crack. Usually, the windshield gets warmer, starting at the edges. This means that the glass is not uniformly heated, and that can cause cracks.

Make sure that you do not use hot water to defrost your windshield or blast your air conditioning system if you left your car out in direct sunlight on a sweltering day. The sudden temperature fluctuations can result in a cracked windshield.

  • Poor Installation

Sometimes to save money and time, you might decide to install your windshield or have an unqualified person install it for you; this may cause it to crack. That is because it can become loose and crack due to extreme vibration or being too tightly installed that the pressure makes it cracks. If you need to replace your windshield, make sure you visit a licensed shop to have it done professionally. That way, you’ll not end up spending more money than necessary.

If you notice water leaks around the glass, the glass looking wavy, or hear rattling or whooshing sounds when driving, those are indications that your windshield was poorly installed, and you need to have it reinstalled.

  • Poor Quality Glass

The windshield is meant to ensure your comfort and, most importantly, safety, which is why you should get a high-quality windshield. Low-quality glass will crack at the slightest pressure and put you and the occupants in your car at risk.

Glass can also crack because it has a defect, but manufacturers recall defective products. Therefore, when shopping for auto glass, make sure you go to reputable auto glass shops that sell good quality glass. Such shops will also be aware of any recalls so that you don’t end up with a low-quality or defective windshield.

Quality Windshield Glass

At Specialized Auto Glass, we have qualified technicians proficient at Audi Windshield replacement using high-quality glass, to ensure your windshield doesn’t crack easily. We also sell and replace windshields for other luxury car models. We’re approved by all insurance companies in the country to replace luxury car windshields. If you need to replace a cracked windshield, call us today on (480) 615-0595.