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auto body New Haven

Things To Consider Before Deciding On An Auto Body Shop In New Haven

Auto accidents are one of life's unfortunate occurrences. After a car accident, the next thing to do is to get the car repaired. But it is unwise to jump at the very first auto body repair shop that comes your way. Rather, you should take your time to find the right auto body repair shop that will deliver the quality service that you deserve.

Below are some of the things to consider and questions to ask before selecting an auto body shop in New Haven:

1) Learn more about the repair shop

Before choosing an auto body in New Haven, take your time to do some research. Of course, you have just been involved in an accident and it is understandably traumatic, perhaps you even sustained personal injuries. But you will only aggravate your woes if you jump on the very first repair shop that comes your way.

Gone are the days when information was scarce, but now, virtually everything is available online. Go online and read the ratings and reviews of the repair shops you are considering. Study what their previous customers are saying about them.

You can go further by asking them questions so as to enlighten yourself about their processes. A few questions you could ask include; how often will I be receiving updates? In what form will I be receiving the updates; text, email or via the shop's website?

2) Warranty

Some auto body shops in New Haven offer a warranty on their services. If the shop you have chosen offers a warranty, ask how long will it last and what exactly will it cover.

3) Rental/Loaner car:

While your car is in the repair shop you may need an alternative vehicle to get around. Some repair shops offer car rental services which may be located in the shop or nearby. Others may offer you a loaner or even a courtesy car to enable you to get around while your car is being repaired.

When given a car rental agreement document, be sure to read it very carefully. You could also take photos of the car before you drive it out.

4) Length of repair:

How long will the repair take? This is the most popular question asked of auto body New Haven shops. There is no definite answer to this question. The length of a repair will be determined by a number of factors, some of which include; the extent of damage done to the vehicle, how busy the repair shop is at that particular moment, the level of expertise of the repair shop, how the shop acquires parts, do they have to outsource repairs?

5) Insurance:

If my car gets stolen or damaged while in your shop how much coverage do I have? This is a very important question to ask before you give your car over for repair.

6) Paint:

Every car has a paint code. This refers to the exact color of the manufacturer's paint. It is usually located either in the trunk, under the hood or in a door jamb. During an auto body repair, there is usually a need to repaint. It is important that the auto body shop uses the exact color of paint that the manufacturer used and not something similar. You won't want to be driving around with a car that looks like a rainbow.


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