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Auto glass repair near me

Do you ever wonder whether you can get away with a damaged windshield on the road? The answer is no; you cannot. You can get an easy ticket because your car is endangering you and other motorists. The good news is that you may not have to replace the entire windshield in certain situations. Here is how the mechanic determines whether you need a repair or replacement.

Should you replace or repair the auto glass?


A crack at the end or corner of the windshield may also extend and cause the entire frame to shatter.


Does the damage affect the driver’s ability to see the road? A chip or crack that is minute may become a severe danger if it obstructs the line of sight between you and the road. Repairing the crack or chip may leave a mark that blurs one’s vision and makes the repair futile. Our technician will only recommend the restoration of a windshield if it does not impair the functionality of the car.


Additionally, a damage that is bigger than the palm of your hands will likely warrant a replacement. The National Windshield Repair Association states that chips longer than 12 inches are repairable. More than one chip or crack also warrants a likely replacement.


Windshields have two layers of glass to maintain a strong performance in windy and stormy environments. Damage that penetrates both layers will likely cause breaking and should have an immediate repair.

What should you do when you have a cracked windshield?

Take a picture

The first step is to take a photo that will help your case with the insurance claim. They can use the picture to find the exact value of the damage through a detailed description.

Measure the damage

As stated earlier, a big crack with splits in different directions is not the kind that deserves a repair. Measuring the crack will help you get a more accurate estimate from an auto glass repair near me. The insurance will also reward you more when they can quantify the actual value of the damage,

File a claim

Many repair shops like Specialized Auto Glass will help you file a full-coverage claim.

Visit or call our shop.

Lastly, call an auto glass repair shop or make an appointment so they can travel to your location. We will give you same-day services and advise on the repair process of an extensive crack. The mobile service should not cost you additional fees from the quoted amount.

What is the cost of auto glass repair near me?

Chips and cracks can cost anything above $30. The cost is on an incident basis and will, therefore, increase with a more in-depth, more substantial, and more extensive crack or chip.

Chips or cracks that are close to a foot in length or two will cost more than $70 because you may have to replace an entire window or windshield. Finally, the cost of repairing the same damage varies on different types of cars. A luxury brand could cost more because it uses high-quality tools while a regular car costs the average price of windshield repair or replacement.