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tires in Columbus OH

tires in Columbus OH

Check with ATL Total Car Care for new tires in Columbus, OH. We guarantee low prices on replacement tires from some of the most trusted brand names in the industry. We know it’s not easy to find a reliable mechanic close to home- our primise to our customers is to provide honest and trustworthy automotive services that inspire confidence in our technicians and help to save you money. Count on us for factory scheduled maintenance, tire rotations, battery replacement, engine & transmission work, brakes, and more.

How To Know When To Replace Your Tires

Tires are something not often thought about by a driver; in fact, most of our customers at ATL Total Car Care tell us they typically look at their dashboard’s indicator to determine when they need to see a mechanic. For this reason, we feel it’s a good idea to have your tires in Columbus, OH routinely inspected by an automotive technician, typically at the time when you bring your vehicle in for an oil change. Here are a few things we’ll be looking for that will indicate the need to replace your tires:

1. Tire damage requires a repair or replacement; look for a bubble on the side of a tire, a deep cut that is not causing a flat, or an imbedded object in the tire tread. A good rule of thumb is not to drive any further than necessary once you’ve noticed damage to one of your tires. Avoid using canned sealer products- make a call to ATL Total Car Care for over-the-phone advice.

2. Are you having a performance problem from one or more tires in Columbus, OH? A slow leak or a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel can mean an issue that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Cracked or dented wheels, leaks, worn tires, or improper wheel balancing is often the case in situations affecting performance. Let our techs take a look at your vehicle and find out if your tires or wheels are causing issues.

3. Paying attention to tread wear can save you time and money. Tires should be replaced if uneven wear is noticed or tread is less than 2mm. A copper penny is a reliable tool for checking the depth of tire tread. Turn the face of the penny so that Lincoln’s head is facing you. Place the penny in the tire and check to see if at least some of Lincoln’s head is hidden in the tread groove. When Lincoln’s head can no longer hide behind the tire tread groove, it’s not safe to drive on the tire any longer.

Inquire at ATL Total Car Care if your tires are old or you’re in need of seasonal tires for the winter or rainy season. Don’t forget to check our website for digital coupons that will save you money on your next purchase or automotive repair. If you live within 10 miles of our ATL location, we can arrange for a free Uber ride to get you back and forth to our auto shop.

tires in Columbus OH