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Windshield replacement rebate Chandler

There are two main types of windshields, OEM and aftermarket windshields. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), as the name suggests, is glass from the same manufacturer who made the original glass the vehicle maker put in your car. On the other hand, aftermarket windshields come from companies that do not contract with particular automakers. Because such companies don’t manufacture OEM glass under contract from the automaker, they’re not obligated to adhere to the auto manufacturer’s specific guidelines.

At Specialized Auto Glass, we’re a reputable company that has been in business for more than 20 years. Our certified technicians are extensively trained and highly experienced in installing windshields on high-end luxury cars. We also offer a windshield replacement rebate in Chandler for our clients.

Reasons Why You Should Use OEM Windshields

Some of the reasons why you should use OEM glass include:

  • Exact Match to the Original

An OEM windshield is the same as the one the automaker installed when the car was originally made. That means the windshields are constructed according to the vehicle maker’s engineering and design specifications. As such, an OEM windshield will be the right fit for your car structurally and functionally. An aftermarket glass may not have the necessary specifications for your vehicle in spite of being installed without any issues.

  • High Quality

Since the windshields are made to the car manufacturers’ specifications, they are of high-quality. The quality of the glass primarily determines the quality of the windshields. Low-quality glass does not have the strength to withstand impact or provide the structural support manufacturers designed for your car in case of an accident.

Manufacturer specifications include UV and noise resistance, which you may not get from an aftermarket windshield. With an OEM glass, exposure to the sun will not damage your car interior, and external noise won’t interfere with conversation inside your vehicle.

  • Long-lasting

Your windshield is continuously exposed to the elements and should withstand high and low temperatures, rough weather, and impacts from small objects. Many aftermarket windshields can’t withstand exposure to high temperatures and are sometimes not of the same shape and thickness as the original glass. It’s inconvenient to keep replacing your windshields, not to mention expensive in the long run. However, OEM windshields are highly durable and can withstand small impacts and the elements.

  • Maintains Car Value

When you use an aftermarket windshield, you lower the value of your vehicle. And since the glass doesn’t have the same specifications as the original, your car won’t have the right look. If you plan to sell your luxury car in the future, you should make sure that you get the best possible price for it, and one way to do that is to use quality, original parts. Besides, you cannot claim it’s a genuine Mercedes, Maserati, or Bentley if some parts are not of the same brand.

Your Windshield Experts

At Specialized Auto Glass, we’re a reputable windshield retailer and replacement company. We sell high-quality windshields, which our skilled technicians can also expertly install. In addition, we offer our customers a windshield replacement rebate in Chandler. If you’re looking for an OEM glass for your car, call us today on (480) 615-0595.

Windshield replacement rebate Chandler