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Windshields near me

Is your windshield damaged, and you need auto glass replacement, repair, or restoration? Specialized Auto Glass can help. We fix auto glass damage done to vehicles front or back windshields, and driver-side or passenger-side windows. Give us a call at (480) 615-0595 if you are in Chandler, AZ. Our auto glass repair and replacement technician are friendly, friendly, and efficient.

Tempered Glass VS. Toughened glass

Your car windshields are built with safety glass, to keep the driver and passengers safe. Most windshields are made through the tempering process. The glass on the outer part is under compressive stress, and the inner part is put under tension. The front windshield glass is made from a plastic layer that is sandwiched by a layer of safety glass on each side. These layers are then laminated together to provide structure, strength, and safety. This way, if there is an accident, the tempered glass breaks and expels into small pieces without the sharp and pointy shards.

 In contrast, when the toughened glass is impacted, the pieces rarely fall out and lock up with other surrounding pieces. When broken or shattered, the toughened glass will stay in its frame.

Why Should You Get Your Auto Glass Fixed?

It is crucial to have your damaged Windshields taken care of right away because it’s dangerous to drive a car with damaged auto glass. Crack can distort your view and prevent you from operating the vehicle safely, and it can create more significant problems if you are involved in an auto accident.

Windshields are created to protect passengers from outside elements, harms, and threats. When the glass is cracked or shipped, it cannot protect all passengers to its fullest potential. Therefore, you need an auto glass technician to fix your windshield so that you and your passengers can be safe.

What To Expect From Us

At Specialized Auto Glass, we strive to provide you with the highest quality of auto glass that the industry has to offer. Our technicians have years of experience in quality windshield replacement and repair and are ahead of the industry standards. Our technicians can take care of all your auto glass repair or replacement needs. Here are what to expect from us.

  • Same day service
  • Exceptional service
  • Quality class and materials
  • Professional technicians
  • Honest assessment & competitive prices
  • Commitment to safety and high standards
  • Quick service, installation & safe repairs

Damaged windshields can be dangerous. Our auto glass process is easy, trustworthy, and professional. We are not only the experts in auto glass repairs and installation, but we also educate all of our customers and provide them with knowledge on how to manage their auto glass. We work on all car models, and can fix all glass types. Let us make your life easier with our auto glass services in Chandler, AZ.

Are you in need of windshields repair or replacement service near me? Give us a call today at (480) 615-0595 our auto glass technician will be glad to help you.



Windshields near me